The number of obese people has more than doubled since 1980. In 2014, 39 percent of adults over eighteen years of age were overweight and 13 percent were obese. in this blog we cover what is this section.

Many of these people know that they need to lose weight. Doctors even tell some of them that if they do not bring their weight back to normal, they risk dying pretty quickly.>

It would seem that there is one simple and one hundred percent reliable way to lose weight: “EAT LESS!” And everyone knows very well about this tool. Nevertheless, literally a few manage to lose weight to their norm, and again not to get fat.

Why? Why is it so hard to just eat less? Yes, for many reasons. If everything were so simple, then people would get rid of alcoholism, using the magic “drink less”. Or “don’t drink alcohol at all.” Because it’s very simple to say. And to do it is very difficult. For some, it is almost impossible, at least without special supportive therapy.

Despite the seeming simplicity of the process of losing weight, it usually takes a long time – it may even be several years – before an overweight person finds such an approach to nutrition (and lifestyle) that will allow him to return to his normal weight. and keep this weight.

Although it would seem that there are many diets around (including “magic”), pharmacies offer a variety of weight loss drugs (including “magic”), bookstores are full of publications dedicated to weight loss (including “unique techniques”), and fat around – full.

I will say right away that I was exactly the same fat fat man. At the peak of my physical shapelessness, I weighed 114 kilograms with a height of 1 meter 75 centimeters (I was over 40 kilograms overweight), I was terribly pleased with myself and did not even think about losing any weight.

And this is a normal situation in fact. For a while the fat man (and, of course, the fat woman) does not think about the fact that he is a fat man. It seems to him that everything is fine, that he is a “fat and handsome guy”. And it seems to her that she is “what a lovely little donkey.”

Under the influence of some circumstances, you start to think about the fact that something is wrong with your weight and what needs to be done with it. After all, a fat man is not just a state of the body. This is a state of the brain. It would seem: how can you bring yourself to such a condition (more precisely, substandard), because every day you saw in the mirror what you are turning into? Nevertheless, he did not stop eating tons of muffins, did not stop sitting in front of the TV with a bowl of chips and a pile of fruits, didn’t stop whipping Coca-Cola in liters and leading a lifestyle in which the ass is rapidly approaching the size of the chair, right?

These are all brains, they need to be adjusted. And they are adjusted either under the influence of acquired (here the word “good” is somehow inappropriate, but they just say so) diseases that almost necessarily accompany obesity, or under the influence of suddenly awakened feelings for someone, or under the influence of someone who will correct your brains and tell you the right path, because there are hundreds and hundreds of paths here, and only a few of them are correct.

So, when a fat man suddenly realizes that he, in fact, really needs to get in shape, he usually goes through several traditional stages.

The first stage – he hopes that all this will happen by itself. Well, as if by magic. After all, he decided to lose weight, which means that the body received a command and now has to carry it out. A fat man can even solemnly buy an exercise bike and start spinning it. Five minutes without load. In Week.

After a couple of months, he will notice that, generally speaking, nothing is happening. And it should not happen, because he did not change the diet at all. He is waiting for a miracle. He expects the body to obey the command. And although our organism is an extremely complex biological mechanism, it does not know how to carry out such stupid commands. With him you have to act in a completely different way.

Then the fat man begins to be interested in magic means. You know, the miraculous cartilage of the Kremlin shark, the electronic pill of the Brezhnev Politburo, Chinese powder, Vietnamese pills and the Angolan extract from the thyroid gland of a female dragon from Komodo Island.

All these are terribly expensive drugs that, like an expensive placebo, calm the patient much better than a cheap placebo, but they definitely do not lose weight – except, however, in cases when this rubbish unidentified by science causes severe diarrhea, and here you really are losing weight. Not for long.

Next comes the search for magic diets. But the fat man usually does not look for easy ways. He needs something interesting and innovative. For example, blood test diet. Or a DNA test diet. Or a diet for the analysis of the iris of the eye. Well, you know, the main thing here is to analyze something of yours for two hundred dollars, so that later you will receive an ingenious recommendation from the series “You are not allowed to eat green apples, yellow bananas and red tomatoes.” The diet is called “Traffic Light” and leads, of course, to amazing results: you spent two hundred dollars, but the weight in front of the traffic light did not even think to stop.

After that, the stage finally comes when the fat man realizes that the belly and triple chins will not dissolve by itself, that magic pills or magic diets do not exist in nature, so you will have to really go on some kind of normal diet.

There will be many questions with this too. Because it is not very clear which diet is considered normal. The known diets as such are all normal in their own way and at the same time abnormal. Most of them, on the one hand, lead to the desired result in the form of weight loss, however, as a rule, they give the fat man mental and physical suffering, so he doesn’t have enough fuse for long and it all ends with the fact that at the moment of the crisis the fat man breaks his mouth tightly locked refrigerator doors and integrates itself with all the edible products that are stored there, including a cake, a box of pastries, a pork knuckle and two loaves of already slightly stale, but so delicious bread. And – everything rushed back,

And here you have to go a rather long way, until, finally, you learn for yourself some very important basic principles, until you find a diet scheme that suits you personally, which would not cause moral and physical suffering and, as a result, would allow you to get in shape and keep this wonderful state.

Personally, this process took me three (!) Years. Yes, I’m a brake, I agree. But I know people who have been fighting this way for five to seven years – with very variable success. And they repeatedly step on the old rake, which I also stepped on repeatedly.

But it finally dawned on me. At some point, everything lined up into a clear and harmonious system, and this should be a system, and not just some kind of diet. I worked out very important principles for myself, and this was not collected anywhere, for example, in one book, although the principles themselves, in general, are not a secret at all.

Well, in the end, I decided to write a series of articles on how to bring myself to my senses and do it quickly, comfortably, efficiently, and most importantly – in this “feeling” I already have to stay, not to return to the old terrible state.

Why would you step on multiple rakes, right? Why would you waste several years on something that can be done in just a few months?

Take advantage of my experience and do not repeat my mistakes – and you will succeed one hundred percent!

The next series of articles will focus on the next important steps that you must go through.

1. Motivation.

Everything comes from the head. You must decide for yourself to start the process of getting rid of the fat cocoon. And there are things that you definitely need to know in order to be able to make the appropriate decision.

2. Charlatan methods of losing weight.

You definitely need to know about them, you definitely need to talk about them. So that you do not have any illusions and so that you do not give your money to any crooks and do not waste your time.

3. Working types of diets.

We will take a closer look at the types of diets that work, their pros and cons, and most importantly, we’ll talk about how to select the appropriate diet for your case.

4. How to save the result.

One of the main problems of any diet is how not to go full afterwards. How to save the result. There are ways, we will talk about it.

I plan to publish about twenty articles on this topic, which will then be combined into one edition. These articles do not fit into any section of my site, so I made a separate section for them and thought for a long time what to call it. “Healthy Lifestyle” – well, well, worn out, and I do not like this term. “Losing weight” – this is the name of the section in the menu, but for the title I would like something brighter.

Well, in the end I came up with an excellent, as I think, title for the section:

Dr. Hood’s Magic Diet

This name is good because almost none of its words have anything to do with what I will talk about in my articles. There will be no talk of any “magic”, we will talk about “diets”, but I am not going to create any of my own diet (I myself used a combination of two well-known nutrition and control schemes), I am not any “doctor” I remember my only rank was lieutenant in reserve), well, I’m not Hood, but Exler. By the way, “Hood” is not at all from the verb “lose weight”, it is from the English hood , a hood. Which also has nothing to do with the topic under discussion.

On the other hand, why should people be misled? Let’s name the section:

Losing weight is easy

It’s really simple. Especially if you do everything right. And what is right – we will talk about this.