Calorie consumption for an ideal weight

One way to stay at the ideal weight, and even to lose weight, is to reduce calories, you can eat everything using some tips to eat less of them a day, read in this article, how to reduce calories in meals and you will get excellent results.

If you want to lose weight, it is inevitable to lower your calorie intake, either to lose weight or maintain yourself, it is good to know how to reduce them when cooking, if we take the consumption to 1600 per day, we will lose weight , healthy and gradually, and If, on the contrary, we want to maintain ourselves, knowing how to reduce calories in meals will be very useful.

Base your dishes mainly on vegetables: vegetables are foods with low calories and low fat, which also have many vitamins, minerals, fibers and benefits for the body, prepare a good salad to accompany your menus, serve more of it than the rest of food , with this you will be reducing a considerable percentage.

Steam, grill, grill or bake: avoid preparing fried foods, the best way to prepare meats, fish, chicken and even vegetables is grilled, broiled or baked, even your vegetables and vegetables prefer steaming.

Prefer wholegrain carbohydrates: these types of carbohydrates have fewer calories, more fibers, if you want to include carbohydrates in your diet that are wholegrain and in half-cup portions.

Eat lots of fruit: if you eat 5 times a day, in small portions, you speed up your metabolism, you can make snacks with fruits, they contain water, fiber, they will make you feel full and eat less.

Dress with vinegar, olive oil and lemon, mustard: to dress your salads, use combinations of these ingredients, they will give flavor with fewer calories.

Always Prefers unsaturated fats, olive oil, nuts, avocado.