Any process of getting yourself into the right shape begins with the fact that the fat man / bbw must themselves want to do it. No, abstractly, they all want this and dream of losing weight on cold winter evenings, eating shmortik cakes and drinking it all with liters of sweet soda.

And even if they want it not abstractly, but more or less concretely from the series “That’s it, I’ll definitely start trying to lose weight on Monday,” nevertheless, they have absolutely no idea what it is and what they, generally speaking, to do with it.

Here’s what that lovely lady with the “Rubens woman squared plus another Rubens woman” complexion knows about losing weight? Yes, she knows not to eat and all that. But she doesn’t know exactly how not to eat. What does this, generally speaking, mean. Because she simply cannot “not eat”. Yes, and not a single person can do this, because if he does not eat food, he will soon cease his earthly existence – this is, in fact, conceived by nature or the Creator, depending on which of the theories of human origin you believe.


Also, a pretty lady does not know exactly what it means to eat less, because she absolutely cannot stand the feeling of hunger. Can’t stand it at all! An intense feeling of hunger drives her to do wild things, including antisocial acts such as grabbing a donut tent.

Therefore, she reads on the Internet about diets, chooses some completely idiotic like kefir, carrot, “jockey’s diet” or any other from the collection “Punitive Cooking for Dummies”, will hold out on it for half a day (especially courageous and stubborn will withstand even a whole day) , after which he will gobble up everything that was in the house, and even bite the refrigerator door.

What does that pretty fat man over there who have eaten up to the state of “See my genitals – say hello to them” knows about losing weight? He knows that he needs physical activity. Serious physical activity. Two hours at the gym every day. And he gasps, having climbed five steps. Or after walking three hundred meters to the bus stop. What, to hell, physical activity, he now cannot lift a book without shortness of breath!

Yes, he will likely even buy an exercise bike. Maybe even dear. And he will even start to strain on it once a week – for five minutes without load. He will receive a sense of accomplishment, but this has nothing to do with losing weight.

Practice shows that most fat men, when they make the decision “I will lose weight”, limit themselves to ritual actions: for example, a nice lady will eat not a dozen of pies a day, but only eight, and a cute fat man, besides five minutes a week on a stationary bike, will add one walk around the house upon returning from work.

What result will this lead to? You can guess yourself.

Abstraction of motivation

I myself remember very well what an abstraction the phrase “You need to lose weight to normal weight” sounded for me. It was said to me many times. The last time this phrase was uttered by an endocrinologist, who looked at the readings of my sugar level and listened to my requests to increase the amount of drugs, because “it no longer compensates.”

The doctor then explained that medications, my friend, cannot be added to infinity and that even if you add them, this will not radically change the picture, because your main enemy is unhealthy diet and excess weight. You start to eat normally, put yourself in shape – drugs, on the contrary, can be reduced and even removed. You will not lose weight – the prospects are extremely sad.

Lose weight, then I thought, immediately lose weight, why do I need sad prospects, right? I want bright prospects.

Then, for the first time, the desire to lose weight took on a more or less concrete form, and I began to engage in the same nonsense that many fatty fatties usually do at the very beginning of their losing weight: I bought an exercise bike, for three days I ate only wheat bran for dinner – in general, there was another two and a half years of almost fruitless efforts.

Why? Because everything needs to be done correctly. And don’t do it all wrong. The thought is very deep, but it would be good to try to understand it.

A fruitless effort is bad. And because they do not lead to any result, and because morally it is very unpleasant, and because you stop believing in yourself, and because you begin to believe that nothing will help you. Meanwhile, this is absolutely not so, it will help, and how. There are no people who have not been able to achieve this – under the right conditions.

How to do everything correctly – we will definitely talk in detail, but now a few more words about motivation. Because this is extremely important.

The initial decision always rests with this particular person. Of course, he may have some event in his life that will force him to make this decision. Or it may not happen. In this case, no one will push him, except himself.

Family motivation

Many people are eaten away shortly after starting a family. Like, he got married (got married) – the spouse-spouse will not go anywhere now. They, we think, love my personality, and my body is already the tenth thing.

And this, by the way, is not quite the tenth thing. Sometimes it is the second thing. Or even the first. Moreover, your spouse, most likely, will never tell you in your life that they are disgusted to see your belly, drooping boobs, third chin and a blurry face. Very few people will say this, because – as we have already found out – this is rude, intolerant, unethical and generally not matrimonial.

And these things end very simply: one fine (I mean – unhappy) moment the spouse / spouse picks up things and leaves. To another / another. No warning. Without ultimatums from the series “Either you get in shape, or I go to the fitness instructor Seryozha.”

An example from life. I once worked with a small company. He did everything remotely, did not appear at the office often, but he was familiar with many. One married couple worked there: relatively speaking, Slava and, relatively speaking, Sveta. Slava was such an energetic and fit middle-aged man, he worked as a manager, led several projects. Sveta was a little older than Slava, she worked as an assistant to the chief accountant.

Sveta was a pleasant lady in all respects – friendly, smiling, completely non-conflicting, but she had a complexion in the style of “you are my cow”: plump, even diffuse, with a noticeable second chin. Plus, she still had poor eyesight and wore glasses with thick glasses in old-fashioned horn-rimmed frames, she also liked to wrap herself in some shapeless knitted sweaters and wore some ugly shoes (and you try to walk with such a weight in elegant heels) – in in general, Slava next to her looked more like her eldest son than her husband.

Their relationship was even, Slava took care of her, but in such a way that love-no-love could not be said.

Once I came to the firm, I looked, and there something was wrong. Men walk around the office with vague expressions on their faces, the ladies are crowded in the accounting department, and a woman’s crying is heard from there. Passing by, I looked in – Sveta was crying bitterly at the table, the ladies were comforting her, but Slava was nowhere to be seen.

The director’s secretary, whom I knew well, took me aside and explained: Slava left Sveta and left the family. Although at that time, before the “midlife crisis” he was still seven years old, no less. And he went to the manager Marina from the same firm: I knew her too – a pretty graceful blonde with a boy’s haircut. I also remember Marina wore glasses with very fashionable Italian frames, which were extremely suitable for her.

The women consoled Sveta and scolded Slava, the men sympathized with Sveta, but, apparently, they understood Slava perfectly and even in the depths of their hearts approved.

Well, it happens, life is such a thing, complicated …

It took about six or seven months there. I almost did not cooperate with this office – so, from time to time I consulted on trifles. And once they called me from there and asked to look into the accounting department: to sign some accumulated acts and get the accrued money.

I come. Everything seems to be the same in the office. I greeted the secretary, she told me to immediately go to the accounting department – they say, you will sign everything with Sveta and she will give you money.

I stumbled into the accounting department. I knock, I look at the door – Sveta is not there, I see, she went out somewhere. Some other lady is sitting at her table – a very pretty, graceful blonde with a boy’s haircut. I wonder when Sveta comes up, the blonde starts laughing and gets up from the table.

And then I hardly realized that this is Sveta in person. Thin to the state of “even now for the ball”, in a tight-fitting, spectacular dress, emphasizing a cool figure, without glasses, with bleached hair and a stylish hairstyle. She looked just gorgeous, and she seemed ten years younger than she was before.

Of course, I paid her all sorts of compliments about her wonderful appearance, Sveta accepted compliments with restraint, but not without pleasure, I signed all sorts of papers, received money and said goodbye.

I did not appear in this office again.

About ten years later I accidentally met another lady from that firm on the subway. We chatted about this and that, asked how Sveta was there. The lady told. It turns out that Slava and Marina held out for about a year, after which he left her and asked for Sveta back. She did not accept him. Not that she completely pushed her away and did not let her into the doorway, but she said that they could no longer have any family life.

And then Sveta married the director of this company. Because of her, he left his then-wife, whom, by the way, I saw a couple of times: the lady was also of solid size, but at the same time she was also clearly bitchy.

The director, the lady continued, sold the company, started some kind of business in France, and she and Sveta eventually left there for good. From mutual acquaintances, the lady heard that everything seemed to be fine there – well, thank God.

These are the motivations.

What is it all about? And to the fact that it is better not to wait for this to happen, especially if it is extremely important for you and the gap can be very painful. So maybe you can still bring yourself to your senses before? Without waiting, so to speak, peritonitis …

I need to lose weight of motivation

The phrase “I need to lose weight”, which is often repeated as a mantra by fat people, is actually completely wrong. They don’t need to lose weight. It’s not called that at all.

“I need to lose weight,” a slender girl says to herself anxiously, who finds out that her favorite satin red dress has become a little cramped at the sides. Or that her favorite designer jeans are getting a little worse fit than usual. “I need to lose a couple of kilos,” she says to herself, after which she dines on yoghurts for a week and quietly drops these two kilos.

This is what is called – “I need to lose weight”.

What you need to do, and what I needed to do is not lose weight. You need, firstly, to make a decision that you want to get in shape, and secondly, to start the process of getting yourself in shape, that is, to achieve a normal weight for you without any excesses, and thirdly, to achieve the appropriate result, not stopping halfway, and fourthly, which is also extremely important, to keep yourself in this shape and not to get fat again, which, unfortunately, happens quite often, especially if you go the wrong way.

Therefore, you do not need to say “I need to lose weight”, it is meaningless. Even if you go on some stupid or stupid diet and lose a few pounds, and then start eating again as before – these few pounds, with a sigh of relief, will quickly return, and then they will also noticeably increase – just as a sign of compensation for the stress suffered the body. It has always been, it always will be.

Therefore, you need not to lose weight: you need to change your life, your diet, get in shape and stay in this shape forever. And it is quite possible to do it.

How to decide of motivation

All this is very nice, you say, to get in shape, to stay in it forever – it’s all clear. But I, you say, cannot stand the feeling of hunger. And I won’t kill myself on the treadmill – I just can’t. I already feel bad, and you still suggest to me to doom myself to moral and physical suffering ?! Yes, let me rather die the way I became, you say, than do all this nightmare: starvation, suffering, killing on treadmills or on exercise machines!

So, now I have only good and even great news for you. I myself came to all this for a long time, and everything will be presented to you on a silver platter, so that you can achieve the desired result quickly and comfortably.

And if this good news does not motivate you properly, it means that it is completely hopeless and your condition – or rather, complete substandardness – suits you completely and you want to stay there. You have every right, this is your personal choice.

For those who want magical changes, this is great news.

Great news of motivation

Great news number one of motivation

It will take very little time – as a rule, it takes only a few months – and you will completely get yourself in shape, that is, remove excess fat and reach your normal weight. Even if you have very serious obesity, for example, an extra fifty kilograms, it will still take less than a year.

What is a few months? These are not a few years at all, they will fly by – you will not even notice.

Great news number two of motivation

In the process of losing weight, you will not experience a strong feeling of hunger at all! Moreover, this is one of the main conditions for achieving the desired result – no strong feeling of hunger. You, of course, can experience a slight hunger, but this is just from the series “Well, now to kill the worm or is it in an hour?”

Great news number three of motivation

During the process of losing weight, you do not have to wildly strain on exercise machines or treadmills. Certain physical activity, of course, is very desirable, but if necessary, it is quite possible to do without them. Another thing is that with the acquisition of form you yourself will want to introduce some reasonable physical activity into your life, but this will happen in a completely natural, and not violent way.

Great news number fourof motivation

The process of putting yourself in shape will not only not be accompanied by any moral and physical shocks, but quite the opposite – your health and well-being will noticeably improve, and from the process of losing weight you will periodically experience a certain euphoria – noticeably brighter than euphoria. obtained by absorbing a cake with cream, when a certain feeling of guilt in front of his devoured body is always mixed with the feeling of joy.

Great news number five of motivation

You don’t have to spend any serious money on all this. Moreover, on the contrary, your expenses on food will be significantly reduced. However, of course, you will have to spend money on a new wardrobe after you bring yourself to your senses – yes, then yes, because parachute panties and shapeless robes will have to be thrown out. But you have no idea how these purchases will delight you – there will not be a pity for any money!

Great news number six of motivation

If you strictly follow my system and bring your weight to normal, then it will not be much of a problem for you to maintain this weight and never gain it again.

Great news number seven of motivation

In the event that you decided to get in shape, studied my recommendations, chose the appropriate nutrition scheme for yourself (we will talk in detail about how to do this) and clearly followed all this, I give one hundred percent guarantee that you will succeed : and lose weight to a normal weight, and maintain that weight. Otherwise, I give permission to print all these articles and burn them on my head. But if you do everything right, which is not difficult at all, then it is simply impossible not to achieve the desired result!

Well, on such conditions, are you ready to change yourself and give yourself a new chance? In my opinion, better conditions cannot be demanded!

It is clear that this, as I said, will take some time. You did not go full in a day and it is impossible to lose weight in a day. Of course, we all want to fall asleep and the next day wake up as Apollo or Venus, but all people are adults, everyone knows that miracles do not happen. It will take some effort to achieve the desired result, but this, as I said, is not too difficult: you will not starve, you will not experience suffering (quite the opposite) and no one will force you to overexert yourself in the gym.

The last thing of motivation

Before starting the process of your update, I will ask you to do one last motivational thing, but this is not all now. First, you need to study what I need to tell about certain types of weight loss, diets, nutrition systems and, finally, the system that I came to myself and which will definitely help you.

When we study all this (there is not so much, but of motivation it is necessary to know all this), then I will ask you to do this thing and – go ahead, you can start!