Many people have noticed this feature. Even after eating, after a short time, they want to eat again. He seems to have eaten well, satiated, but a little time passes, and again the feeling of hungry sets in. There are several reasons for this paradoxical situation.

Why are you constantly hungry?  Main reasons

The reasons for the fact that you want to eat all the time and you constantly feel hunger can be the following states of the body:

1. The body lacks nutrients, especially vitamins and minerals.

In this case, you can try to add to the diet those foodstuffs that combine the widest range of vitamins and minerals. In order for the body to make up for the existing deficiency. Alternatively, you can start taking vitamin and mineral supplements.

2. The second reason for the constant desire to eat can be called the wrong diet and lack of nutrients.

Your main meals may not provide enough calories, protein, and carbohydrates. This condition very often occurs when a person tries not to gain excess weight and reduces the amount of food consumed. Carefully read the article How Much Protein, Fat, Carbohydrates, and Calories Do You Need per Day, which details the required amount of nutrients for each day. If the amount of nutrients in the diet is below normal, this can lead to a constant desire to eat something else.

3. Disorders in the endocrine system.

Disturbances in the work of various elements of the hormonal system (the work of the pancreas and others) can manifest itself in the form of a constant desire to eat. To make sure that the entire endocrine system is functioning normally, it is necessary to be examined by an endocrinologist.

4. The fourth reason for the constant craving for food can be chronic stress.

Food can be an outlet for chronic stress. In addition to nutrients, which are quickly consumed by the body under stress, the process of food absorption can have a calming effect on the nervous system, and be a kind of preventive measure.

Whatever the reason for the constant desire to eat ( because you always feel hungry ), it is important to regularly supply the body with nutrients containing a full set of vitamins and minerals. First of all, it is necessary to eat correctly, in a timely manner fully and perhaps, the desire to constantly eat will disappear. If this does not happen, you may consider seeking medical advice.